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B O O T   a n d   B U M P S T O P S
Boot and Bump Stops Boot and bumpstops are a small, but important part of a strut suspension. The boots help cover and protect the chrome shaft of the strut from dirt and debris. The Bumpstop part protects the car from bottoming out or causing damage when the suspension goes beyond it's normal travel. The image above shows an example of two kinds. They vary in looks, depending on the vehicle. Some vehicles do not have them at all. But in most cases, if yours are in good shape, you do not need to replace them. But in the long run, you remove them anyway when changing a strut, so it can be cost effective to change them while the strut is off the car, rather than having to take the car apart later again to replace them. Note that failing to replace a missing or defective Boot/Bumpstop can cause pre-mature failure or damage to a unit.

Boot/Bumpstops are made by several companies, depending on the application and availblility.

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