KYB Steering Stabilizers

Wheel shimmy and steering vibration will wear out your tires and you, too. KYB Steering Stabilizers stop vibration in trucks, vans and 4WD vehicles for increased control under all driving conditions.

  • Solid OE replacement steering stabilizer
  • Controls steering vibration and shimmy
  • Better control on the road or in rugged terrain
  • Reduces premature wear of front-end components and tires
  • Available for domestic and import trucks and SUVs

Replacing your old OE steering stabilizer with a KYB steering stabilizer will help if you haul or tow heavy loads, or if you have noticed bump steer, which can be dangerous. Easier steering is easier on you, and on your truck. Check out our knowledge base article on steering stabilizers.

KYB Steering Stabilizers


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