8850 1010 KONI STR.T- Street (Orange) Front

Price:  $60.70

8850 1010 KONI STR.T- Street (Orange) Front

Koni STR.T Orange shocks and struts are high performance dampers for lowered or stock height vehicles.

Taking the reliability and performance that made Koni a household name with adjustable Koni Sport shocks (yellow), the Orange provides a more accessible price point for drivers who want to improve their car’s performance or install lowering springs but do not need manual adjustments. Koni STR.T Orange shocks are custom valved by Koni’s engineers to provide a balance between performance and comfort.

The Koni STR.T Orange is designed to give your sports car a performance upgrade without the jarring ride or bounciness sometimes associated with stiff performance suspensions.

Every Koni Orange is custom tuned to provide the best performance and ride possible for the individual vehicle it is designed for. Koni Orange STR.T will give you the best ride possible with lowering springs or at stock ride height.

Koni STR.T Orange Features:

  • Engineered to Work With Lowered Suspensions
  • Individually Tuned For Each Vehicle
  • Custom Valved For Each Application
  • The Perfect Blend of Comfort and Performance

For race ready performance shocks and struts, the Koni Sport Yellow allows manual damping adjustments. The Koni FSD Gold offers the best ride and handling for select luxury cars. Full Koni STR.T Suspension Kits with high performance lowering springs are available for certain sports cars.

Vehicle Position Notes Available Years
Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD 2WD C2500 & C20 Front  
Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD 4WD K2500 & K20 Front  
GMC Sierra 2500 HD 2WD C2500 Front  
GMC Sierra 2500 HD 4WD K2500 Front