2004 Nissan Frontier Shocks

Make: 2004 Nissan

Model: Frontier

Manufacture Date: 03/2004

Chassis Designation: 2 wheel drive




2 door, extra cab, 2 wheel drive, 2.4L, auto trans.

I want Monroe Sensa Traks for all 4; front & rear. How does your warranty

exchange work if required?? I presently have Rancho 5000 shocks & they're

too hard.



Monroe only makes a Sensatrac for the rear, the 37078 we list here -


Like the original Nissan shocks, the Sensatrac, Monroe Reflex, KYB GR2 and Rancho are all a twin tube low pressure design.

All basically the same (minus the various gimmicks).

More about "ride" is mentioned on our website here if it helps - /site/shock_absorber_myths.cfm

Monroe wrranty -




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