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Ford Van with a Lift


Van converted to 4wd with 4" lift. Used as a high-performance
motorhome carrying near full load both on and off hiway. Would like
adjustable shock due to varying load and performance demands (eg good hiway
ride vs heavy duty off road conditions). For rear: 10mm stem on top. 12mm
loop hole on bottom. 16.75 to 23 inches length. Is the Rancho RS99017,
99117, or 99040 stiff enough or this application? What do you suggest?

For front, currently using Rancho RS99117. Have diesel engine, 4x4 axle,
and carrying 350 pound motorcycle on front bumper. Would like something with

more dampening, especially when using off road. What do you suggest for
this? Thanks.


Except on racing products, the shock companies we have do not print valving
So there is not always a way to know what shock is stiffer per se.

Typically a monotube design has more valving, thus a stiffer valving, then
say a twin tube, such as a Monroe or Rancho.

Rancho is the only shocks we have for trucks where you can adjust the
valving on.

Monotubes dampen better than twin tubes, that's a matter of science -

For shocks sold by size, there are a few choices, and these are all
5100s -
5150s -
Edelbrocks -
Ranchos -


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