Twin Tube Shocks on 2002 Chevy Silverado Z71?

Make: Cheverolet
Model: Silverado LS
Year: 2002
What is your driving style: Normal Driver
Vehicle Setup: 4 Wheel Drive
Suspension Type: Z71

I have a 1500 Z71 package. I just wanted to know why I can't use the monroe sensa-trac with the Z71 package? Thanks!

There is no fitment issue with using a standard shock on a Z71 model truck, Monroe doesn't advise it because it won't restore your handling to the same level it was from the factory. The Z71 package came with high pressure monotube shocks for offroading, so if you want to restore the factory ride you'll need an equivalent shock. Using a low pressure twin tube shock like the sensatrac will give you a ride similar to the standard 1500 pickups.

2002 Chevrolet Silverado Shocks


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